About us

De Tjalk is a public Dalton primary school and is open to all students. For the time being, the school is still located at Tjalk 29-41 in the spacious 'de Tjalk' neighborhood in Lelystad. The school will get a new, modern school building at Tjalk 22-45, which is currently being worked on!

 The school follows the principles of Dalton education. These are: Collaboration, Freedom, Independence, Effectiveness and efficiency and Reflection.

 The school has approximately 270 students divided into 11 or 12 groups.


De Tjalk can be reached on Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.

Tel: 0320-250445
Email: tjalk@stichtingschool.nl

 Our address: Tjalk 29-41, 8232 LT Lelystad